Everything You Need For Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Miniemergency Kit, via BHLDN.com

Miniemergency Kit, via BHLDN.com

Whether you have, or are going to be a bride or bridesmaid, chances are you have heard of a wedding day emergency kit aka wedding day survival kit. While there are plenty of prepared emergency kits for purchase out there, today I'm sharing a list of all of the essentials to include should you decide to put together a kit of your own (or be an extra awesome bridesmaid or MOH and make one as a gift!).

Without further ado, here is our carefully curated list of everything you will need to be perfectly photo ready and armed for any potential mishaps for the entirety of your big day!

1. Shout Wipes. These instant stain removers will do the trick if anything gets onto your dress during the night. From a bride that got lipstick on my gown, right before going down the aisle when my maids were helping lift my dress to use the restroom, trust me and keep at least 5 of these in your kit! 

2. Dental Floss. A must, especially after dinner or cocktail hour to keep your pretty smile perfectly clean for all those wedding day photos. Remember, your professional photographers' camera will pick up every little detail! 

3. Mini Pack of Tissues. Weddings and tears of joy go hand in hand. 

4. Oil Blotting Sheets. Perfect for nabbing extra shine or sweat throughout the night without smudging your make-up. 

5. Mini Nail File & Clear Polish. Chipped nails can be mended in an instant for all those ring close ups. 

6. Mini Sewing Kit. Grab a kit with a little pair of scissors, safety pins, needle and thread to mend any potential wardrobe malfunctions. 

7. Bobby Pins. Whether your hairstyle falls a little out of place on the dance floor or falls loose through the course of the day, these are great to have on hand. 

8. Double Stick Fashion Tape. The best solution for securing clothing into place or quickly hemming a fabric tear in an emergency. 

9. Advil (Or Pain Reliever Of Your Choice). Even if you don't need it on your wedding day, you will be happy that you brought some along the next morning! 

10. Breath Mints. Always a good idea considering you will be giving lots of kisses and having close range conversations. 

11. Band-Aids. Whether you get blisters from dancing or a wedding party member needs one while getting ready, these are great to have on hand. 

12. Hairspray. Chances are your hairdresser won't be by your side the whole night, so keep a travel size bottle in your kit to keep your hair style fresh and in place all night long. 

13. Heel Stoppers. A must if your ceremony or reception is taking place outdoors. Just pop these little heel protectors on to prevent your heels from sinking in the grass (extra bonus - they help keep your heels clean, as well!). TheSolemates.com

14. Tweezers. Just in case you need to nab a stray hair or repair a small piece of jewelry.

15. Antacid. The last thing you want to deal with is an upset stomach on your big day! 

Bonus hack! Make sure that your bar/beverage service area is stocked with soda water. In the unlikely, but possible event that red wine/dark liquid spills on your dress, soda water is the magic ingredient to get it out right away! 

What emergency items saved you on your wedding day? Let us know in the comments below!